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Testimonials from Some Of NLP's Clients

High School

Ben Collins
Position: Shooting Guard
School: Hoffman Estates H.S. (Junior)

Brandon Fischer
- Position: Shooting Guard/Small Forward
- Team: Hoffman Estates H.S. (Freshman)

" Working out with Dickey is one of the best things that has happened to my game. His complex workout of shooting and speed drills have honestly made me a better player. I can honestly say working with NLP has brought my game to the next level."
Megan Fischer
- Position: Shooting Guard/Small Forward
- Team: Hoffman Estates H.S. (Sophomore)

" Dickey has taught me and showed me what it takes to get to the next level of my game."

- Bob Fischer (Father of Megan and Brandon Fischer)
" If I was 15 years younger, I would love to have training like this for myself."

" I am very excited to have our kids working out in the NLP program, the structure of the workout program is fantastic."

- Jane Fischer (Mother of Megan and Brandon Fischer)
"I have been involved with many programs and observed my kids in other programs and this has been a great experience for our kids."

DeMarius Hill
- Position: Point Guard - Team; Evanston Township H.S. (Freshman)

- Dawn Mitchell (Mother of DeMarius Hill)
"Dickey Simpkins is an inspiration and role model for children of all ages."

"Next Level Performances has what others are not providing for today's youth, a one-on-one MENTORING PROGRAM."

Nat Pearson
- Position: Small Forward
- Team: Palatine H.S. (Freshman)

Michelle Rawleigh
Position: Small Forward
School: Conant H.S. (Junior)

Jake Spencer
- Position: Forward/Center
- Team; Winnebago H.S. (Junior)

"Dickey has prepared me to think and play to my potential. His trainingworkouts are geared to be tough to get you ready to perform in gamesituations - both physically and mentally. NLP has helped me focus onimproving my individual basketball skills - especially post skills. I lookforward to putting the training I have received into practice this season."

Scott and Annette Spencer (Parents of Jake Spencer)
"Dickey instills self-confidence in his client's game which translates tosuccess on (and off) the court. His approach to the fundamentals of the game- from proper footwork to conditioning - have helped our son realize hispotential. His individual, hands-on training and on-target evaluationcoupled with his energy, enthusiasm and mentoring has had a positive effecton him. The NLP program has prepared him specifically for the upcomingseason by being a more effective player in his position. I only wish wewould have found NLP sooner."



- Chad Austin
- Corey Brown
- Ryan Edwards
- Eddie Washington

- Jarvis Nichols
- Jake Pancratz
- Zach Pancratz
- Brittanie Taylor-James
- Tony Young

High School
- Ben Collins
- Brandon Fischer
- Megan Fischer
- DeMarius Hill
- Nat Pearson
- Michelle Rawleigh
- Jake Spencer

Jr. High School
- Kristen Cozzi

High School Invite Only
Training Session Participants, Fall '06

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