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Next Level Performance Mentoring Program

There are various experiences positive and not so positive, both on or off the court that an athlete will face while continuing to advance to the NEXT LEVEL. After their training session with NLP, the athlete-trainer communication doesn't end. Our clients will be able to communicate with the head trainer on line at any time to discuss concerns or give progress updates. Considering all the distractions athletes encounter in society, which can cause stress and tension, it is important that a mentor in which they have confidence is available to listen and lend support. This is why NLP has created a mentoring program that can help the athlete progress to the NEXT LEVEL.

Never feel alone! The client always has some one to share confidential information. Each week the head trainer gives input and support to each client. Every client will get an on-line access code to allow contact regarding situations or challenges and have the support they need in a timely manner. You always have NLP's head trainer who understands mostly everything you go through while striving to be the best basketball player you can be.


Situations and challenges the mentoring program can support:

  • Coaches Expectations
  • Playing Time
  • College Recruiting
  • Professional Scouts
  • Scholarships
  • Agents
  • High School Recruiting
  • Transferring Schools
  • Injury Rehabilitation
  • Media
  • Managing Study Time
  • N.B.A. Pre-Draft Preparation
  • Pro-Europe Preparation
  • Off Court Distractions
  • Self Confidence


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