Dickey Simpkins
Chicago AAU NLP

Team NLP 17U AAU - Players

Ben Collins - Jersey #2

School: Hoffman Estate H.S., Hoffman Estates, IL. Graduation Year: 2008
Height: 6’1”
155 lbs.
Position: Combo Guard

Academic Facts:
GPA: 4.7105(1.5%), Regular - 3.9697(1.3%)
Class Rank: 9 out of 581 Regular - 8 out of 581
Top 2% of class

Athletic Facts:
2006-07 Basketball stats: Injured most of the season. High School State playoffs, 9/11
FG and 5/6 3pt FG

What career do you aspire to have in the future?
Career in science or math.

Hobbies: Basketball

Role model or most Influential person in your life: Kirk Hinrich

If you could do one thing to make the game of basketball better, what would it be?
“Improve the consistency of refs.”



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