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Next Level Performance - Team NLP - AAU Program

Skill Development
Dedicates 1/2 of every practice to position specific skill
Nutritional Meal Plan
Offers nutrition education and customized meal plans.
Provides on-going mentoring. (View NLP mentoring page.)
College Exposure
Assists in helping obtain college athletic scholarships.
Cultural Exposure
Participates in cultural experiences that help the athlete become
well rounded.
Community Responsibility
Participates in events to give back to the community. Learn
responsibility of helping others.

NEXT LEVEL PERFORMANCE (NLP) is an exclusive personal and group basketball skills training company, created by former Chicago Bulls three-time Champion, Dickey Simpkins, that helps student and professional athletes improve their basketball skills and reach the optimal level of conditioning. NLP trains male and female athletes age 7 to PRO. Each athlete benefits from training geared to achieve specific goals and improve skill levels, sports nutrition, and mentoring from an NBA athlete who has broad-background of experience.

For more information, visit the website at www.trainnlp.com or contact the NLP office at 847-325-5534.

Training Program
Training programs can be customized to a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule. In addition to individual training, NLP offers group and team training. The primary focus is on training athletes in overall skill development and position specific skills to showcase individual talents in a team setting.

Nutritional Program
Nutrition is an important factor in maximizing an athlete's performance as well as promoting good health, wellness, and longevity. A certified licensed nutritionist is on staff to educate athletes about nutritional needs and to create personalized programs to help each athlete maintain a healthy diet.

Mentoring Program
The other unique aspect of NEXT LEVEL PERFORMANCE is the mentoring program. The mentoring program provides each athlete guidance and support with issues or concerns, on or off the court, throughout the season. Athletes have continuous access to online communication with the head trainer to discuss challenges that may occur, including concerns about quality of performance, high school and college recruiting, NBA pre-draft and international basketball preparation, and other.

Motivational Speaking
Founder Dickey Simpkins speaks to groups of various ages and sizes about a variety of subjects related to sports, skill building, personal development and enrichment, balancing study and sports, positive methods of handling pressure, and many other relevant topics.to sports, basketball, skill building, personal development and enrichment, balancing study and sports,


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